From the Priest

Dear All,

1.    Pope Benedict’s Funeral Mass is timed to start at 8.30 am UK time on Thursday. I am sure it will be televised but we will be able to watch on Youtube or via the Vatican website if not. I have decided that Thursday’s 9 am Mass will go ahead as usual. It will be a Requiem for Pope Benedict and I think it is fitting that it takes place whilst the ceremony in Rome is taking place. I am sure we can either record the Mass in St. Peter’s or watch it later.
2.    There is a Diocesan Requiem for Pope Benedict at Clifton Cathedral on Tuesday January 10th at 11 am celebrated by Bishop Declan. I intend to go if anyone wants a lift.
3.    The Solemnity of The Epiphany – 6th January – is this Friday. There will be no morning Mass but there will be a Sung Mass at 6 pm followed by a reception, drinks, etc.
4.    Thanks. I would like to thank Catherine Inman, organist, and all the servers, those who cleaned the Church, those who decorated the Church so beautifully, Joanne Welch and all involved in the Christmas Eve tableau, and anybody else who has made the Christmas Octave so special. I would also like to thank Charles Matthews and the choir from St. Catharine’s, who sung at our Carol Service just before Christmas.
5.   More thanks.    Also, I would like to thank everyone for their Christmas cards, bottles of wine (or stronger!), delicious eatables (which have expanded my tummy), and cash (which helps put diesel into my car). Thank you so much for your wonderful generosity.
Happy New Year from Fr. Stephen 1st January 2023