The Newsheet above covers the period to the end of April. But here is this week’s Update:

Dear All,
The newsletter I attached last week covers the period to 30th April, so it is still current.  
Holy Week and Easter Services.
Now that we are already nearly two weeks past Easter Day, I want again to thank everyone who made the liturgies so moving and successful. Music, Servers, Transport of young servers, Decoration of the Churches, Stewards, preparation of the new Fire and the Garden so that social distancing was preserved at all times, Live streaming, and on it goes. So many people helped and we could not have managed without everyone. Thank you again. Many came to several of the liturgies but from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday 195 seats were taken in total, which was lovely, even though somewhat less than pre Covid times, of course. Live stream numbers were also good. so it was worthwhile streaming.
Ascension Day. Thursday 13th May. Advanced notice that Mass will be at 6 pm at Our Lady and St. Kenelm. There will be no morning Mass at Bourton.
Weekly and Monthly periodicals.
I think I should be ordering more Magnificats. There are never any spare; they all go. Let me know if you do not get a copy but would like one. This monthly production is superb. It not only provides daily Mass readings for every single day, but prayers for morning and evening, articles about the Saints and other matters. Email me if you would like to receive a copy and I will order more.
By the same token, we seem to be left with surplus copies  of Living Faith. The parish pays for them, so I would be glad to know who wishes to continue to have a quarterly copy, so that the order is brought into line with demand.
The Universe. 
The Catholic paper The Universe has written to priests promoting itself. At then end of this bulletin I have appended their notice. Let me know if there is interest. 
The Presbytery garden.
I had a meeting today with the Contractor and we have planned where the boundary will be between the Presbytery garden to be enjoyed by tenants, and the Shrine area retained by the parish for regular use.  If you project a line from the end of the Church, across the pathway to Sheep Street, and across the garden to the boundary wall, you will have a rough idea. I hope to speak soon to one of our parish who is an expert gardener and talk about a hedge….Steps up from the path will be constructed.  
The Parish loo.
Heaters have now been installed. I am pleased with what they have done with the layout of the loo area  and it is wheelchair friendly.
Confirmation Classes
These have re-started and a lively group of young and a bit older, are meeting weekly. We are basing some of the course on Fr. Stephen Wang’s excellent Sycamore short films. Fr. Wang is Senior Chaplain to the London Universities (not for much longer) and was my tutor whilst I was in formation for the priesthood. He has just been appointed Rector of the English College in Rome. 
Anyone is welcome to the Confirmation classes, even if you are confirmed. Part of the purpose of the course is to ‘throw’ questions on the Faith to the priest! Next meeting 6 pm this Wednesday 21st at Our Lady and St. Kenelm.
Best wishes,  Fr. Stephen  16th April, 2021
Below is the note from The Universe:
If you are unable to collect your paper at Mass you can now get it delivered direct to your home every week POST FREE (IT’S QUICK AND IT’S SIMPLE) just go to or call us on 0161 820 5722 and we will arrange delivery for you.
SPECIAL OFFER 3 MONTHS: –                   £25.00
SPECIAL OFFER  12 Months: –                  £99.00
DIGITAL COPY: – 12 Months:                    £55.00
All papers are Covid safe and packed in a sterile component.